The JOTTER Coffs Harbour Toastmasters News Letter 18th May 2016

    THE JOTTER                          meeting 901.


No mics!

Because the Cavanbah Hall is being painted, our last meeting was held in a room in the Community Centre. The smaller space made a pleasant difference as we didn’t have to worry so much about “using the stage” or holding the microphone correctly. Instead it was more intimate with people talking in their normal voices. A different ambience but no less good practice!


We all talked.

Relatively low numbers was a case of swings and roundabouts. What we lost by not having a large audience was compensated for by everyone having a chance to get on their feet and say their piece. This was largely to the Table Topics Master making sure that challenges went to people without major speaking roles. Good on you Dee Bee!


A variety of speeches

There were three formal speeches. Fran’s speech, one ‘based on research’, combined anecdotes about fire walking and Billy Graham to make her point. Lyn gave us a very entertaining account of a stay in hospital.  And David W filled the room with a folk tale .

Great variety. The Warm Up was interesting; the Listening Post was harder than usual; and the General Evaluator (DavidG) was succinct and thorough.


June7 will see us back in Cavanbah Hall for Meeting 902. Once more striding the stage, projecting our voices, and gesturing expansively.

Our Thoughts & best wishes go to our good friend Barbara. We trust you have a swift recovery. We will see you back at T.M very soon.

David Whyte & Deebee Bishop

THE JOTTER… Coffs Harbour Toastmasters News Letter

Barbara Stewart The Jotter

                                    THE JOTTER                   by Barbara Stewart

We went in for quality not quantity at  our last meeting on the 19 April. Only 11 C.H. T M members and 2 guests were able to come . So many last minute apologies , from sickness, to family in need, to work problems. Everyone rallied around and with a little doubling up of duties and last minute assignments, we all enjoyed the evening and the quality of our meeting was great .

How fortunate that one of our guests was an experienced TM from Sydney , he was able to give invaluable advice to James, our Divisional representative in the International Speech Contest to be held on Sat 30 April in Sydney. Actually, all TM’s were asked for their evaluations of James’s speech ,  poor James !  Such an excellent speech it is . The very best of luck , and our thoughts from all of us go with you James.

We have such a strong Club – Fran was runner up in the semi-finals Speech Contest, 2 weeks ago in Port Macquarie, and Janet was placed in the Evaluation Contest there.

New TM’s can learn a great deal from the “elders” in TM , while the “elders” are kept on their toes by bright new thoughts and ideas from recent arrivals .

Don’t forget – if you can, come to the Speechcraft Course this coming Tues 26 April, 4.30 – 6.00 pm, in Room 2 at the Community Village.                                                                                                               The participants need an audience. Fran is the person in charge .

Next TM meeting we will be voting in our new Committee for the TM year 2016 – 2017 , as well as all our usual education and entertainment.

Be there or be square – and bring a friend.

The Jotter

Coffs Harbour Toastmasters News Letter

Welcome to the “Coffs Harbour Toasties News Letter”  

Barbara Stewart The Jotter
The Jotter


Stay in touch & tune in to this space for regular updates.

                        THE  JOTTER                by Barbara Stewart

Hello possums!   –  No, that’s Dame Edna.

G’day mates !  – No, that leaves out new arrivals and non-Aussie borns.

How about, “Friends, Romans and countrymen”  –  No, that’s Big Julie.

What do you think of  –   “Dear Toasties” – No, that’s so unoriginal.

So –

The top of the mornin’ to you !

Well it’s cheerful and full of goodwill !


What a great little Club we have ! Think about it – we have, or have had, doctors, dentists, accountants, bankers, self-employed, government employees, airmen, night soil removers, auctioneers, farmers, environmentalists, song writers, artists, Irish, Scots, English, German, Dutch,  dinky-di Aussies, Sri lankans, Chinese, Aborigines, and retirees . ALL wanting to speak more easily, present better, become leaders, learn , develop and enjoy.

What a fabulous Club, who wouldn’t want to belong, contribute and participate ?  Don’t you agree?  So why isn’t there a path being worn down to Cavanbah Hall door ? Who do YOU know  who you haven’t talked to about TM ?   Your checkout chick, plumber, postie, taxi driver, bank manager, policeman, traffic cop, and church member ?


ABC News watchers ; how many times does Graham Creed say “now” when delivering his weather forecast? How many people interviewed on TV cannot string more than two sentences together without saying, “you know”, or “um”. So aren’t we lucky ! We’re all at least half way to being perfect .

Yours in happy membership

The Jotter