Jotter 948


About 24 attending including 4 guests.


Speeches to order

One thing about a special event is that speeches aren’t just for practice, but must be done to order. Last Tuesday’s meeting saw the induction of the new executive for 2018/19, with 4 short speeches befitting the occasion. Area Director Sue Ashley (who inducted the new committee) gave a speech on the value of contests.  Outgoing President Deebee spoke about growth he has experienced and observed in others over the last 12 months. Pauline, the incoming President, spoke about 6 qualities desirable in a club, and in alphabetical order no less!  Awesomeness, Boldness, Compliance, Diversity, Efficiency and Fun. And DavidW, on the club’s behalf, said a few words of appreciation for Sue’s support over the last 2 years.


There was one other speech: Fran’s last speech from the CC manual with the aim of inspiring listeners. Fran spoke about the healing effect of laughter and the ‘incredible power’ of a smile to acknowledge others. Food for thought before the break for refreshments.

The trimmings.

Events are better with the right ambience and good tucker. Table cloths and tea lights? Tick. Black drapes and mood lighting? Tick. A cosy arrangement of tables with speakers at floor level? Tick. Background music? Tick. Good tucker and time to enjoy it? Tick. Tick. Tick.

Fun time

Barbara was challenging as usual. If you think you’ve been out of your comfort zone before, try standing up and singing 2 lines of a nursery rhyme to a roomful of people. This was followed by a rapid fire quiz from Janet.

See you all in the new (Toastmaster’s) year.

Next meeting: July 3.