The Jotter


Jotter  939  Feb20



Focus: “Timing is everything”.

21 attended, including 2 guests (one for his first time).

Best wishes to Deebee and Jennifer who couldn’t make it because of family health and injury issues.


We did better!

We did much, much better with timing this time, with the meeting finishing just before 9pm.

This was largely due to everybody trying harder – being ready to speak when their turn came and speaking briefly and to the point. (I’m aware though that the stand-in President (yours truly!)  did ramble on a bit).  General Evaluator James noted that keeping to time is a matter of equity, that when we take more time than necessary we are taking it from others.  James also pointed out that if we had had 3 main speeches as planned we would have gone overtime yet again. Gremlins caused the 2 main speeches to stretch out longer than intended. One because the timing lights were not visible at a distance and the other suffered computer software problems.


Real Life.

Our missing main speaker was replaced by Barbara who stepped in to do a Real Life item.

Real Life items require a volunteer (forewarned) to “say a few words at short notice” on a given topic. Barbara spoke to us as a bunch of trepidatious 17 and 18 year olds, giving us advice and encouragement on meeting the challenge of adult life.


Table Topics.

Danni gave her very first Table Topics. She was clear and concise and had 6 people up on their feet. Her topics were along the lines of ‘What would you do if …?”: eg … you were confronted by a murderous pygmy; … you were presented with $10,000 in India; … you were visiting an orphanage in Kenya.


Bunching up.

Is there anyway we can bunch up more in the hall to build a sense of conviviality, and to hear better and see better?  I wonder if we could squeeze 3 people in at each table, which would require one person at least to have their legs wrapped around the table legs! Any ideas anyone?



Next meeting is on March6. The following meeting on March 20 is being organised by guest VPE Barbara on the theme of paintings and painters. Keep watching this space!