The Jotter Jan’ 2018



A great first meeting of 2018 on Tuesday, January 16.  We had over 20 present including 4 guests/ prospective new members.

The 3 speakers were very much at ease, and obviously enjoying their own speeches. We laughed at Damian’s encounter with a horse. (Damian could make a household budget sound hilarious!). Lyn had invented a witty explanation of the transition from apemen to Adam and Eve. And newbie Pauline introduced herself (in her Icebreaker speech) with anecdotes on the theme of “Princess or Trooper?”.

Other first timers included Leon as Toastmaster and Jennifer as General Evaluator. Warm Up (John) allowed us to vent our political frustrations. For Table Topics Narelle chose questions suitable to the new year on what might yet be and what might have been. Her 6 targets all found something to say. Good practice! And on top of all that, watermelon for supper! (Thanks Christine).

What’s in the pipeline? About 4 or 5 people have launched into the new education program, Pathways, with more promising to follow. And for our next meeting on February 6, we already have an almost full program.

That’s it. See you all on Feb6.