Jotter 949  July3

18 attending (including 1 guest).


It was Damian’s last meeting after 5 years in the club, because he and his family are moving to browner pastures down in Yass. Acting Pres. Deebee spoke of Damian’s ‘warmth and good humour’ and we wish him all the best.  And for our guest Una, it was a return visit to the club after 9 years! Back then she completed 10 speeches which, she says, helped her in her work where she must present to groups.


I don’t hear many actual Toasts, so it was valuable to hear a good model. It was short and smooth, and began with some wry reminiscences of club life before getting to the serious bit at the end. The gist of this was: ‘May you grow in your ability to speak … listen … serve the club … and support each other …’. Perhaps it might have been improved if we had then risen as one to our feet to the thunder of shoes on floor and falling chairs, roared out ’to growth!’, downed our shot of water, and hurled our empty tumblers into a fireplace.


Barbara confirms the stereotype of the Irish being great storytellers. Her Warm Up contribution was a true story about having an intruder in the house a few days ago! Timer Ernie gave Barbara free rein as this was a story that had to be heard. Barbara’s Real Life topic was ‘Has it been worth taking risks in your life?’, and this brought forth more yarns of dangerous situations she has been in. (A Real Life item is a realistic topic, with only a short time to prepare).


Barbara went 4 minutes overtime in her Real Life speech which James addressed. He was polite and gracious but pulled no punches. For “how we can all combat the dreaded going over time”, his practical advice was that we need only one story to make a point, not several. Good advice for all of us.


Next meeting July 17th.