Jotter 950. July 17.    23 attended including 4 guests


For starters the line of ‘baffles’ across the room improved acoustics (we suppose), but also contributed a sense of warmth and intimacy. On top of this, Warm Up and Table Topics were both on the subject of true friendship. So a feeling of comfortable conviviality permeated the meeting.


In his Icebreaker entitled “Itchy Feet”, Ben described a life of constantly moving on from place to place and job to job, and from one adventure to the next. A life of action rather than words. But the words came and kept coming, quietly, in short sentences, like light pencil strokes, till by the end we had a complete sketch of his life.

Janet’s speech elaborated on the idea of collecting vs hoarding and was quite different in style. From centre stage, with rolling gesture and dancing voice, she conjured visions. The minutiae of life blossomed to become larger than life. We saw, hovering in the air, cabinets crammed with empty envelopes, jars stuffed with string, and a garage become storage while the family cars rust outside in the street.

Paolo gave a thoughtful Member’s Choice from the floor built around the idea that “every passer-by has an equally complex life”. He spoke of his Filipino uni friend living in Coffs, in this foreign culture, without family support or a car, and of how difficult life must be for her.

LOOKING FORWARD                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Contest season is upon us. Between August 7 and October 2 we will have 4 club contests, each one held before supper with more usual items after supper. We kick off at next meeting with a Table Topics contest followed after supper by Lachlan’s Icebreaker.