The Jotter 6 February 2022

We had our second meeting of the year on Tuesday Feb.1. It was a rip-roarer with numbers swelled by 5 guests.

The theme was Pirates and there were more bandanas and 3 cornered hats than you could shake a cutlass at, and much “Arr”ing and ferocious glaring too. I’m sure we were all at times carried away (in our imaginations) to lives of crime on the high seas, whether in the crows nest, tending the animals below decks, or walking the plank (which as a Table Topic takes exactly 2 minutes). As one of our guests said, it was “lighthearted”. Respect to the people who came up with the idea, organised it, and entered into the spirit.

There were 2 main speakers. Elaine gave a fine speech about leadership, in which she described the leadership skills of 4 of our members. DavidW gave an autobiographical speech which went overtime … again! (Tut tut, David, and you must project your voice more!) – I refer of course to the useful evaluation and feedback which follows every speech.

Our next meeting of Coffs Toastmasters is on Tuesday 15 in Cavanbah Hall. And don’t forget that Jetty Speakers (the other club in Coffs Harbour) meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month in the morning before work. See our shared website for further details.