The Jotter – 10 December 2021

Sunday December 5.

Last meeting of the year. We gathered at Boambee Creek Reserve for picnic tucker and talk. It rained on and off but that’s quite nice when you’re under a tin roof. We each brought something spoken to present.

We enjoyed: the story of a memorable family Christmas;  New Year celebrations in Japan; the “Four Agreements” of Don Miguel Ruiz; “Galway Bay” sung by guess who; jokes (including “A snail knocks on the door of a bar at closing time …”); a game; and two poems (including “Smiling is infectious” by Spike Milligan).

Only twice did we fall silent. Once while a cloud-crowd of querulous corellas celebrated an outbreak of watery sunshine, and again while a freight train rumbled across the bridge. A special Hats Off to President Elaine who did so much to make the day a success.

While most of us were at Boambee, a few of our number were helping with contests via Zoom for Area 5 (Taree and Port Mac). Mark, Ernie and Glenn were judges and Hansika gave the target speech for the Evaluation Contest. (All 4 are either in Coffs club or Jetty club or in both clubs).

That’s it folks. Our next meeting will probably be on the 3rd Tuesday of January, but that is still to be confirmed. Happy Christmas all, stay safe, and have a good start to the new year.

Written by David Whyte.