The Jotter – 7th June 2022

Last Tuesday members voted for Mark as “Toastmaster of the Year” for “major contribution and/ or greatest improvement as a speaker”. Mark has been a member of both Coffs Harbour and Jetty Speakers for two and a half years, and in that time, over both clubs, has filled every one of the 7 executive roles except Treasurer and Secretary. In 2022/23, from July 1, he will be President of Coffs Club and VPE of Jetty Speakers. Mark says that through Toastmasters he has gained confidence not only in public speaking but in talking to people generally, he has discovered he can speak at length without notes, and has learned to be more assertive in leadership roles. Congratulations for a well deserved award.
Why do people join and stay in Toastmasters? I joined as a way into local community, to get better at clear thinking and communication, and to equip myself to step up when occasions demand. An added reason for staying is that I find every meeting is fun, friendly, and challenging. Last Tuesday, when asked what brought them back as visitors, 3 of our guests gave work related answers ranging from preparing for job interviews, to helping clients, to performing as leaders and trainers. Motivation is the key!
Last Tuesday recounts of personal experiences stood out. Elaine (Speaker 1) spoke about her “microwave moment” when one evening at home alone with the kids, feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated, she decided that if life wasn’t going to change then she would, and moved from resenting to accepting and even embracing life’s difficulties. Mike (Speaker 2) told a polished tale of a security guard where he once worked, whose positivity energised the whole organisation. Mike added a professional touch by calculating how much this man had added to the organisation in dollar terms, and this came to $760,000 per year, or more than 12 times his salary! During Table Topics Karen spoke about the physical sensation – “like of bolt of electricity” going through her – at the instant she knew with confidence that she could undertake a PhD and succeed.
Thanks Fran for notifying us all that Sue Hereford-Ashley was presented with the Jazzer Smith award at the District 90 Conference in Newcastle. This award is presented every year to just one of the thousands of members in District 90 for “exemplifying the attributes and characteristics of Jazzer Smith”. Sue is a member of Jetty club (and 3 other clubs), has been our Area Director in the past, and is currently Club Growth Regional Support Officer in District 90.You can click on…/D90JazzerSmithForm.pdf for the story of Jazzer Smith.
And finally don’t forget tomorrow, Tuesday 14, is the night of the great debate between Coffs Rotary and Coffs Toastmasters. First time ever! A battle of the Titans!