The Jotter – 5 May 2022

Theme of the evening…. Choices in Life

Glenn, our faithful Sergeant at Arms called the meeting to order, and Elaine our President welcomed everyone and opened the meeting. The executive elections are coming up soon, and information on the roles will be emailed forthwith.

Mark outlined the alterations and thanked all those who stepped up to cover extra roles for the evening. First-time Toastmaster Gerry shone in her latest role, ensuring that the meeting flowed smoothly and amiably. Barbara earnestly welcomed our five daring and delightful guests – Jena, Caitlin, Anna, Cathy, and Melissa. Each guest brings enthusiasm and pluck to our meetings, and we all learn and grow in the process.

Wordmaster/Grammarian Melissa divulged the word of the night – in a ‘lackadaisical’ manner. Barbara commenced the warm-up, recounting a brave life choice involving leaving her country of birth (Ireland) and moving to the land of the long white cloud – a move that ultimately changed and saved the lives of her family.

Members and guests each described major life choices relating to changing locations, switching jobs, family, and health needs. When people listen deeply to us, we feel connected, valued, and understood, and this in turn builds trust and respect.

Elaine’s speech (Speaker 1) celebrated the power of listening and gave us valuable tips on how to improve our listening skills.

Joyce (Speaker 2) had us reflecting on our life choices – were they our own, or were they influenced by others? Her story took us from a young child visiting the corner store to embarking on a spiritual healing journey – an inspirational account.

Supper AND A BIRTHDAY CAKE was provided by the supremely big-hearted and talented Joyce, and we celebrated Melissa’s upcoming 18th. Congratulations Melissa we all wish you well in this ‘Year of the HSC!’.

Mark had us selling in Table Topics: a cardboard box (Barbara), an empowered rock (Jena), a big hole (Caitlin), an unlimited, self-emptying, garbage bin (Anna), and an outdoor bathtub (Gerry).

Mark and Glenn’s speech evaluations were thorough, helpful, and supportive.

Melissa’s Wordmaster/ Grammarian report included the number of times we each used the word of the day ‘lackadaisical’ and how many times we each ‘umm-ed’ and ‘aahh-ed’ (a few).

Karen’s general evaluation encouraged us to continue to support each other and offer helpful suggestions, whilst erring on the side of kindness. Glenn gave an insightful Area Director update. Thanks to Ernie for your meticulous timekeeping and reporting.

Barbara sincerely asked for and received feedback from our wonderful guests, who are already helping us to improve – we hope to see you again soon.

The Jotter – Karen