Coffs Harbour Toastmasters News Letter

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Barbara Stewart The Jotter
The Jotter


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                        THE  JOTTER                by Barbara Stewart

Hello possums!   –  No, that’s Dame Edna.

G’day mates !  – No, that leaves out new arrivals and non-Aussie borns.

How about, “Friends, Romans and countrymen”  –  No, that’s Big Julie.

What do you think of  –   “Dear Toasties” – No, that’s so unoriginal.

So –

The top of the mornin’ to you !

Well it’s cheerful and full of goodwill !


What a great little Club we have ! Think about it – we have, or have had, doctors, dentists, accountants, bankers, self-employed, government employees, airmen, night soil removers, auctioneers, farmers, environmentalists, song writers, artists, Irish, Scots, English, German, Dutch,  dinky-di Aussies, Sri lankans, Chinese, Aborigines, and retirees . ALL wanting to speak more easily, present better, become leaders, learn , develop and enjoy.

What a fabulous Club, who wouldn’t want to belong, contribute and participate ?  Don’t you agree?  So why isn’t there a path being worn down to Cavanbah Hall door ? Who do YOU know  who you haven’t talked to about TM ?   Your checkout chick, plumber, postie, taxi driver, bank manager, policeman, traffic cop, and church member ?


ABC News watchers ; how many times does Graham Creed say “now” when delivering his weather forecast? How many people interviewed on TV cannot string more than two sentences together without saying, “you know”, or “um”. So aren’t we lucky ! We’re all at least half way to being perfect .

Yours in happy membership

The Jotter